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Coffee roasters are an important device for processing green beans for Green Coffee. Various kinds of coffee roasters are available in the market. And it comes in different shapes and sizes. Their prices also vary from a minimum of 24$ to a 1000$. But as we all know that prices depends mostly on the brand name. We will be discussing a few information about what to look for when one thinks of buying a coffee roaster.


A brief background


The simplest form of roaster comes basically as a sauce pan with a tight lid and a sturdy handle. It can be put up on a stove and the beans can be roasted in the pan for Green Coffee. The handle is specially designed which allows the roaster to stir the beans while processing. It is important to keep on stirring the beans while roasting so that it does not get burnt at the bottom. While looking for a simple roaster one must not forget to buy  a roaster which has a thermometer in the lid because controlling temperature is vital part of roasting. Roasting should always be done maintaining the perfect temperature. Fully automatic roasters are also available in the market where we just need to pour the beans, put on the lid and set the controls right and it will be done to perfection within a few minutes. These automatic devices have inbuilt thermometers, thermostatically controlled heating mechanisms, rotating canisters, timers for automatic shut off and it also controls the air flow but reduces the smoke in the process. These roasters happens to carry an expensive price tag on them.


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